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Kallie Knight, MS, CCC-SLP

Hi! I'm Kallie Knight. I'm a bilingual, pediatric speech-language pathologist. I have experience in outpatient and school-based settings. Most of my experience has been in diverse Title 1 schools, with PK-6th grade students. I'm a school-based SLP through and through, but I recently made the switch to private practice to accommodate family changes and to make greater individual change. 


I'm all about functional and effective therapy. I'm here to share tips, tricks, hacks, freebies and resources to make your life easier! 

I'm all about using evidence based practices that are both effective and efficient. I'm well aware that time is one of most precious commodities! My purpose is to share information for parents, professionals and others to use to help foster communication and self advocacy skills in our students and children!

While I have a love a fascination for the entire field, my specialty areas include:

  • Narrative-Based Language Assessment & Intervention

  • Dynamic Assessment

  • Cultural & Linguistic Diversity

  • Language and Literacy

On a side note, I love to teach, travel, spend time with my family and eat Oreos (especially double stuf). I hope we have a couple things in common!

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