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FREE Open Ended ❄️Winter❄️ & 🎄Christmas🎄 Activities for Speech and Language Therapy

The weeks leading up to Christmas are always crazy for me. Prep and planning time is not an option. So, I rely on open-ended and versatile resources to help me provide therapy to a variety of students.

Just in case you are anything like me... check out these FREE activities you can use in your speech and language sessions. All of the following resources are great for a variety of speech and language goals such as...






🔹basic concepts

🔹following directions

🔹and more!

When I use these resources/activities, whether it be in person or via teletherapy, I do not give kids control of the screen. That way, they HAVE to use language to get what they want. #constraintbasedtherapy

These can also be used as a reinforcer. For example, I've used it for articulation therapy to get lots of trials. The One Hundred Snowballs (see below) is a very basic reinforcer if you want to try to get 100 trials!

Here are the resources! Check them out!

Make a Christmas Tree | ABC Ya

Click here to try it!

Make a Gingerbread House | ABC Ya

Click here to try it!

Make a Snowman | ABC Ya

Click here to try it!

One Hundred Snowballs | ABC Ya

Click here to try it!

Winter Themed Interactive Open-Ended Scenes

Download it here!

I hope you enjoy these free resources and that they can reduce your stress in the weeks surrounding the holidays!

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